Sunday, April 29, 2012

The above picture design is similar to the current interior design of Proton Preve, however, there are better interior catch in the “The Making of Proton Prevé” short video.
I believe, the Proton Preve interior is so much better than the other current Proton model, however since is a global car, Preve interior should be better than the others C-segment competitors. While driving, first impression to the interior will give better perception towards the other parts of Proton Preve.

Here is another Proton Preve interior design by Proton Design on the “The Making of Proton Prevé”, this give me feels is looks better and younger than the current design.
I can saw in the forums out there, many peoples is complaining about the handbrake, the handbrake should be wrapped with leather which won’t seen as so plastic and also will looks more elegance to the whole interior. Perhaps they will do better in SE version?

Lamborghini Urus Concept - Lambo's SUV

Lamborghini has unveiled its first SUV, the Lamborghini Urus Concept. While Lamborghini insisted to call it a concept, the Urus certainly doesn't look like one. It looks production-ready and certainly sexy! The Urus (if it hits production) will go head-to-head with Porsche Cayenne, Land Rover Range Rover Sport as three of them are performance SUVs, and the BMW X6 crossover.

For your info, the name 'Urus' came from an extincted Spanish breed of bull, and is pronounced as "Oo-rooss". The design of the Urus thrills everyone, stimulating an imagination where the Urus is a raging bull, ready to rush forward and conquer any tarmac it encounters. While the Urus doesn't have as many angular lines as the Aventador, the former has bold and sharp lines so that it look rugged and fast at the same time. Not sure about its offroad ability though, but hope that it fairs as well as the Cayenne.

Lamborghini gives the Urus a 600bhp engine with permanent 4WD, while offering best-in-class CO2 emission figure among its competitors as the Urus is a 'family car'. Well, one advice for the kids, "buckle up!".

Since the Urus is a said to be a family car, it is a 4-seater with reasonable rear headroom albeit the sloping roofline and a versatile luggage compartment to handle the weekend grocery trips! Lamborghini's obsession in reducing weight makes its way to the cabin, where carbon fibre structure made from Forged Composite is used in the bucket seats and other components.

 The Lamborghini Urus, although is a concept for now, should be hitting the road in the future. So guys, get your cowboy hat and a red cloth ready!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

DiGi New iPad Internet Plan from RM25/Month

DiGi New iPad Internet Plan from RM25/Month
New iPad users in Malaysia can enjoy affordable broadband plan (but with only average download speed of 700kbps) from three data plans on offer by DiGi Malaysia – Lite, Basic and Pro. Each plan is designed to meet different usage needs. The iPad Lite plan (at RM25/month) is recommended for light-surfing on your iPad, comes with monthly quota of 500MB, meanwhile iPad Basic (RM53/month) and Pro (RM83/month) plans have 2GB and 6GB monthly quotas respectively. 
The table below shows the available data plans. Please note that the prices shown are after Auto-Billing rebate of RM5. The monthly fees for the iPad Lite, Basic and Pro plans without taking the RM5 rebate into account, should be RM 30, RM58 and RM88 respectively.
DiGi New iPad Internet Plan
All data plans come with a MicroSIM card and will be available without a contract, providing the freedom to activate a plan at any time. You can subscribe to the iPad Internet Plan online through DiGi Store Online. You are required to pay an advanced payment (non-refundable) of RM 50.
Upon exceeding the allocated quota, for iPad Lite plan, you need to pay 5sen/MB for additional bandwidth used. Charges capped at RM90. Meanwhile for iPad Basic and Pro plans, there is no additional charges for exceeding quota, but the internet speed will be throttled to 128 kbps, from the likely average speed 700kbps/200kbps (download/upload).
For more information on the DiGi New iPad Internet Plans, please hop over to

Proton Prevé Sapphire Concept

Proton Prevé Sapphire concept was shown during its launching last night. The car features medium silver body color with sporty bumper front bumper design with detailing insert. The chrome bar at front grill is made bigger compare to production unit and looks fits better with the emblem. The interior has 2 tone color black n cream but personally if it made red instead of cream may look more sportier and appealing.

Proton Prevé Official Brochure Is Here!

Proton Prevé official brochure is here ahead of its official launching tomorrow by PM. From the source, it comes with special financial rate and most important thing its also comes with 5 years warranty! With all the specs and wow factor comes with this car, we believe many will throng to Proton showroom tomorrow night to see the actual car. See it to believe it :) . Please continue reading to see the rest of the brochure and enjoy.

Proton Prevé : Review From The Showroom

After busy day, admin managed to visit a Proton Showroom at Section 13 Shah Alam to see the new Proton Prevé in the flesh. Before seeing the actual car, admin think base on paper sheet, this car has outpace the Korean namely Kia Forte which now is leading maker in term in car accessories offering given by lengthy spec list in the Prevé. This is good, actually too good for that asking price. Proton Prevé can be considered C segment sedan, given its dimension which outperform other competitors in the same segment. OK not to waste time, lets see how this car feel in the real world compare to other global car in the market.

First about its exterior design. We can say its pretty good though it looks a bit rigid. We believe Proton had done benchmarking design of some cars in the market to design the Prevé. The side profile resembles popular Mazda 3 while front looks like Honda City. The roof line is highest in the class thus provide roomy interior image even before entering the car. It depends on each person about Prevé exterior design but we believe its acceptable for most of us.

Now we move to interior part. Honestly, when Proton started to design it own car starting from Waja, the seating position wasn’t that good. The instrument panel position was too low though it help short person front visibility but for long haul journey, it quite stiff for the back and neck. But this issue seems to be gone starting from Exora and Saga which seats nicely. Following the Exora, Proton Prevé also has very good seating position after we stepped into front seat with high mount dashboard and steering. The seat and head restraint also very comfortable. The accelaration pedal also is well positioned unlike that in Persona or Gen2.

The rear legroom is generous. We adjusted the driver seat for man with 1.8m height position, still there is huge legroom in the rear which is very good. We think its best in its class. The fabric seat we think can be improved in term of rigidity to give less fatigue during long haul journey.

Honestly from first view, we like very much this Proton Prevé interior design. its really upmarket and its layout we think is even better than the Forte. Our 1st feeling when we hold its steering wheel, we feel it solid though Inspira is more better. The paddle shifter is steering mounted type made easier to use unlike in Inspira which is steering column mounted. We begin to explore the Proton Prevé interior, the car that destined for global market, area that Proton is consider weak base on previous model.

The center console is highlighted. This car has pretty much control button on center console including ESP on off control. But when we touch the button, it lack ‘click’ feeling so we might confuse whether it has starts functioning or not. This problem is similar with Gen2 center console button. The center console also overall is less rigid and the button housing feel a bit ‘soft’ raising question on the level of part fittings in this car.

The aircond control knob silver paint already peeled off so we think putting chrome insert is better than paint, which easily invite scratches.

There was also part fitting issue at lower center console. The hand brake mounting access trim part was not sit properly and has big gap. Also the 3rd brake lamp, mounted on rear headlining trim is shaky so we doubt its durability in the long run.
Overall, our verdict is that this Proton Prevé has a lot more to do with its part fittings to be on par with other foreign makes. Forte has better part fitting compare with this car. We honestly say this for Proton to improve it as much as possible. Actually this car is quite good at the asking price and we think Proton Prevé is still class leading in term of spec and accessories offering.


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