Sunday, May 21, 2017

Nokia smartphone comIng

The anticipated Nokia smartphones are finally coming to Malaysia. HMD Global, the company behind the revival has sent out invites for a Malaysian launch that’s happening in less than two weeks from now.
They will be introducing 3 smartphones in Malaysia – Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, that were announced earlier this year.

Nokia 6

The Nokia 6 is currently their top of the line offering with a 5.5″ Full HD display and a pair of speakers enhanced with Dolby Atmos. It gets a 2.5D glass on top while the body is crafted from a single block of 6,000 series aluminium.
It runs on a Snapdragon 430 processor with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. There’s also a special Nokia 6 R edition that comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage along with a glossy black colour. In terms of optics, it gets a 16MP main camera and an 8MP selfie shooter with Auto Focus. It is powered by a 3,000mAh battery and it runs on Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box.

Nokia 5

Going down a notch is the Nokia 5 which gets a 5.2″ HD 720p display. It also runs on a Snapdragon 430 processor but with 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage. Like the Nokia 6, it is also made of 6,000 series aluminium for a more upmarket feel.

The Nokia 5 gets a 13MP main camera and a front-facing 8MP selfie shooter. The battery capacity remains unchanged with a 3,000mAh unit and it also runs on Android 7.0 Nougat.

Nokia 3

For the entry level segment, the Nokia 3 comes with a modest 5″ HD 720p display and under the hood it runs on a MediaTek 6737 processor. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage while the cameras are bumped down to an 8MP main camera and an 8MP front shooter. The battery is a notch down too with a 2,650mAh capacity.
According to earlier speculation, the Nokia 6 could be priced at RM899 while the higher-spec Nokia 6R is priced at RM1,299. There’s no mention of the Nokia 3310 in the official invite but there’s a chance that this throwback device could be making an appearance.

Moto G5 plus

Lenovo Malaysia has dropped a note to us that a Moto event is taking place on 29 May 2017. Following the release of its Moto M smartphone earlier this year, we believe this is likely to be the launch of the Moto G5 Plus which was introduced during MWC 2017.
The Moto G lineup has been Motorola’s popular mid-range series and it’s now in its 5th generation with the G5 and G5 Plus. Among the two models, the G5 Plus is the device that you should be looking out for. It gets a 5.2″ Full HD IPS display and a unibody metal design.
Under the hood, it runs on a frugal 14nm 2.0GHz Snapdragon 625 processor and there are different spec options depending on the region. The G5 Plus comes with up to 4GB RAM along with storage options up to 32GB. You can expand storage via microSD up to 256GB.
At the rear, it gets a 12MP f/1.7 main camera with Dual Autofocus Pixels which Lenovo says it is the most advanced in its class. Meanwhile, the front gets a 5MP f/2.2 selfie shooter. Unlike the Moto M, the fingerprint sensor is placed at the front underneath its display. Keeping the phone ticking is a 3,000mAh battery that comes with TurboPower fast charging. A quick 15-minute charge claims to be sufficient to provide 6 hours of usage.
The Moto G5 Plus had passed our Malaysian SIRIM certification in January this year and we expect it to be priced slightly above RM1,100 when it goes on sale. If the Moto M isn’t your cup of tea, the Moto G5 Plus could be the mid-range device you’re looking for. As expected, it runs on Android 7.0 Nougat with a stock Android experience. Interestingly, Lenovo Malaysia has submitted several new devices for certification ahead of its official launch. This even includes a phone with the model number XT1710-09 which appears to be the upcoming Moto Z2 Play.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is the world’s first phone with Bluetooth 5.0

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a milestone for smartphones. It has an unbelievable screen, incredible specs and a body to die for. But those are just the headlining features. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that this phone has yet another first.
Bluetooth 5.0.
Those of you who watched MKBHD’s first impressions video would probably have noticed it, but it hasn’t seen that much coverage so far. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is indeed the first phone ever to feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
Bluetooth on most outgoing phones currently are Bluetooth 4.2, a standard that was first announced about three years ago. With Bluetooth 5.0, things have been improved significantly. First up, this new standard is twice as fast as its predecessor with about four times the range. It’s also more robust, allowing Bluetooth 5.0 devices — like the Galaxy S8 and S8+ — to push audio to two separate wireless headphones at the same time, for example.
Although it gets a significant boost in speed, transfer speeds are still not going to be as fast as WiFi direct, so you’d be better of sharing files with WiFi direct instead.
Still, this is an interesting piece tech that, thanks to the incredible about of awesome things on the Galaxy S8, actually got buried and removed from the headlines.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

webe does wireless broadband at RM59/month

webe was initially launched with a single mobile postpaid plan that provided unlimited calls, SMS and data on a single device. For those who need a SIM for data sharing, webe has finally introduced its webe broadband at RM59/month.

There’s only a single broadband plan option and it comes with 10GB each month. As a limited time promo, webe is also giving additional 20GB quota but it is valid until 28th February 2017. That means you’ll get just 10GB of data beginning 1st March 2017.
Unlike its postpaid plan, the webe broadband comes with free tethering up to 10 concurrent devices. webe isn’t offering any device bundles and you can slot the SIM card into your existing MiFi modems or tablets. There’s no activation fee but a RM50 upfront fee is required during signup. Since it is a data-only SIM, you can’t make calls or SMS with webe broadband. Once you’ve hit your quota limit, speeds will be throttled at 128kbps.
Some of you might be thinking, isn’t this the same as its former P1 W1MAX offering? On the surface it looks like it but webe’s wireless broadband is SIM based and it runs on their new 4G LTE network. As webe is embarking on a network expansion exercise in 2017, it is likely that webe will be switching most of its former P1 WiMAX customers to LTE. You can check if your place is covered with their coverage map.
For more info, head over to the webebroadband page.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Microsoft announces their brand new all-in-one PC — the Surface Studio

Microsoft‘s latest device is definitely something I did not expect. I thought we’d see a new Surface Pro or a new laptop. Instead, the Microsoft announces a brand new, ultra-thin all-in-one device. Meet the Microsoft Surface Studio.
The Surface Studio is designed for creators which was a recurring theme throughout Microsoft’s big event. What Microsoft has created looks like it’s supposed to be the ultimate device to empower your inner creative mind.

The Surface Studio comes equipped with up to a 6th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, a 2TB hybrid drive and a 4GB NVIDIA GeForce 980M graphics card. The base configuration bumps the power down to an 6th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, 1TB of internal storage, 8GB of RAM with a 2GB GPU. 
Alternatively, you can opt for the mid-spec model that bumps the CPU to a Core i7 chip while doubling the RAM to 16GB.
It also has a big beautiful display. Coming in at 28-inches, the Surface Studio’s monitor is designed to be true to life with TrueColour and True Scale technology. According to Panos Panay, one inch on the monitor is one inch in real life. This display pushes 13.5 million pixels, bringing the pixel density to 192 ppi across the 3:2 display.
What’s more, Microsoft is also calling it the thinnest LCD display in the world as the LCD portion is only 1.3mm thick while the entire monitor with the forged aluminium enclosure comes in at 12.5mm thick. This display can also switch between DCI-P3 and sRGB colours on the fly.
Microsoft says that the Surface Studio’s design purpose was to be as unobtrusive as possible. This is because the company believes that when creators come together to create, it’s supposed to be just the creators and the screen in front of them.
So they’ve housed all the PC’s components into a tiny little base, slapped on an unprecedented cooling system and worked on keeping the acoustics as low as possible. Even the chrome arms that hold the screen up are designed to blend into the background so they aren’t as obvious.
Oh and did I mention that the display can be adjusted down to a 20-degree angle (almost flat) from an upright position with little to no effort? Microsoft says this is possible because of the Studio’s zero-gravity hinge which contains 80 parts and custom-tuned springs to make the display feel weightless.
Since it’s a Surface device, the Studio obviously comes running Windows 10 with support for Cortana, Windows Hello and has an HD camera on the front. It will also come with a Surface Pen and something called the Surface Dial.
I’m not quite sure what to call this little contraption, but it’s designed to be a new form of input that you interact with by pressing down and turning it left or right. You can also either do that on the desktop or plop it on your screen for a whole new way of controlling your creative process.
The good news for old Surface users is that the Dial will also work with a Surface Pro 3, a Surface Pro 4 and a Surface Book.
Speaking of Surface Books, Microsoft also announced a new top-of-the-line Surface Book called the Surface Book i7 which comes with more power in the form of a 6th-gen Intel Core i7, 2x the graphical performance (3x more than the MacBook Pro 13…at least until tomorrow) with a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M and 30% more batteries. That increase in battery capacity is supposed to give the Surface Book a 16-hour battery life.
The new Surface Studio will be priced as follows:
Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 1TB storage, 2GB GPU — USD2,999 (around RM12,461)
Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage, 2GB GPU — USD3,499 (around RM14,540)
Intel Core i7, 32GB RAM, 2TB storage, GeForce 980M (4GB) — USD4,199 (around RM17,448)
It will be available for pre-order on the 26th of October in the US. On the other hand, the new Surface Book i7 will be priced at USD2,399 (around RM9,970) and can be pre-ordered on the 26th of October.


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