Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Proton Perdana based on eighth-gen Honda Accord handed over – PM gets a stretched version!

Proton handed over the first batch of its new Proton Perdana cars over to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak today at a ceremony in Putrajaya. The badge on the rear says Perdana and not some other name, making this the second Proton nameplate to get a ‘second generation’ after the Saga.
Just as our previous spyshots of mildly disguised previous-generation Accords being tested indicated, the new Proton Perdana is based on the previous-generation Honda Accord. And like the Accord, the new Proton Perdana is available with either a 2.0 litre and 2.4 litre engine, both sourced from Honda.
Changes on the front include a new Proton grille and a completely new bumper design. The car also gets a new alloy wheel design. On the rear, we see that the tail lamp elements on the boot lid have been removed, but the chrome that used to run along it at the bottom remains there. This chrome is extended around the sides and bottom of the number plate area.
The big boss man himself gets a stretched version, with the government’s crest in the extended section between the front and rear windows. We wonder what the new wheelbase measurement is.
The Honda Accord already has a huge interior with lots of rear legroom – this will certainly allow the PM to completely stretch out his legs and relax. The window line is different for the long-wheelbase Perdana – it has a rather Buick-like dip at the rear to allow for a larger rear window.
Previous reports have indicated that this will be the first phase of the Perdana replacement model project, which will consist of 3,000 units for government use. The initial delivery is 200 units, with the remaining to be delivered on a staggered basis. The car obviously has lots of metal that indicates it is an Accord, but it will be developed further for a general market introduction in two years time.
The mass market car will continue to use this shared platform, but will have a completely new exterior and interior, according to Proton executive chairman Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil. As for this short term solution, it was developed in eight months.
“Even with such short request time, we were up for the challenge – and through sheer dedication and hard work, we are here today to present the completed Perdana. We are truly grateful to the Prime Minister and the Malaysian Government for keeping their faith in Proton, and for giving us the opportunity to once again be the provider of the official government vehicle. I represent all Warga Proton when I say that this moment serves as inspiration and motivation for us to work even harder than ever, to continue leading the national automotive industry,” added Tan Sri Mohd Khamil.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Era after Ferguson-Not so good~

We are all missing Sir Alex now, this I believe is what most fans of Man Utd thinking now.
Look at Sir Alex's achievement in my previous blog post:
We have the Champion!

Look at today's rank in EPL:-Man Utd is only at number 9? Yes, you are correct-9, 15 matches, 22 points
1 Arsenal 15 35
2 Liverpool 15 30
3 Chelsea 15 30
4 Man City 15 29
5 Everton 15 28
6 Spurs 15 27
7 Newcastle 15 26
8 Southampton 15 23
9 Man Utd 15 22
10 Swansea 15 19
David Moyes, previously manager of Everton is the new manager after Sir Alex Ferguson. However it seems that the team has had a hard-time adjusting to his style. But I believe a stronger team is in building by him. During his time in Everton, the team is outstanding. Ferguson did not claim no.1 also in fact when he first took over Man Utd in the first 2 years.

David Moyes' job at Manchester United is safe while manager is building his own team
Something isn’t right at Old Trafford. I’m not talking about the draw-heavy poor form that was followed by cheap surrenders to Everton and Newcastle in the past week; nor the dearth of goals or even clear-cut chances from open play thus far. It’s not even the steadily growing 13 point gap between United and Arsenal, which makes a mockery of David Moyes’ bizarre claim that his team are still in the title race.
All of those things are reasons for worry but none the real cause for concern. United have suffered indifferent periods (and seasons) before, and under the greatest manager of all time no less. Who can forget the image of two overly-sincere looking individuals holding a banner with ‘Ta Ra Fergie’ writ large upon it outside Carrington a few years ago. Nothing strikes fear into a manager’s heart like frustrated bed linen.
Were it just an underperforming or even lacking squad that was to blame for a rotten half-season that would be fine(ish). Such issues could be addressed with relative ease by a man with a plan and proper backing. However the problems currently besetting the club look to be more fundamental and worrying. There seems to be a lack of direction and unity about everything the club does. It’s not very United.
Most obviously the football has been poor. There’s no shape to the team. They’ve gone through mini-phases of playing well and then not so well, but neither with a consistent style or clear tactical plan. There’s certainly nothing in recent performances to suggest that this is a group of players who have known each others’ games for years. They’re playing like an international team; or worse an England team.
The obvious inclination is to blame the one variable in the craggy and forlorn shape of David Moyes. This is after all the same collection of players (sans a peripheral Scholes) that won the Premier League at a canter last term. Why is he is failing to get anything approaching champion football from a group of champions? Why are they playing like strangers who’ve taken a thorough disliking to one another?
There’s no simple answer because Moyes is far from an idiot. For all the justifiable fears United fans may have harboured about whether he was the right man to follow Ferguson, a lack of either organisation or tactical discipline didn’t figure highly. His teams have always been well-drilled and meticulously prepared. Any manager facing a Moyes side knew they’d have to earn any sort of result. That’s not the case at the moment.
Jonny Evans and Phil Jones of Manchester United walk off after the match
Dead men walking? United slumped to another defeat at the weekend
John Peters / Getty
The current group of players are not performing under the new regime. They are either unwilling or unable to play how the manager wants them to. Or perhaps they simply don’t understand. It doesn’t matter really because it’s not happening at the moment. This leaves Moyes with two broad options: either persist with the current plan and hope his charges cotton on, or adapt his strategy to better fit what he has.
The latter option is probably worth a go as the former shows no sign of working. It’s no coincidence that United’s best performances have come on their travels in Europe and at home to Arsenal, in matches where the opposition were pensive and had as much to lose as United. Those are the sort of games which lend themselves to bad football and talented individuals making the difference, both of which characterise the Moyes era.
The biggest problem for David Moyes isn’t the quality of his squad or the relentless media scrutiny each failure attracts. Rather it is the one thing that Sir Alex Ferguson had in spades and so far eludes his successor. The single most important weapon in Fergie’s arsenal that gave strength and meaning to all his words and actions. It could even have been the slightly more imaginative and fitting title for the story of his life: Control.
It’s something that Moyes needs more than anything. But thus far everything has conspired to undermine his position at the club. The summer transfer window was a disaster. Moyes obviously had a number of targets in mind, as well as being promised the real possibility of a ‘special’ player. But largely due to Ed Woodward’s bumbling and naive efforts nothing transpired but the last ditch and overpriced capture of Fellaini.
The playing staff, rather than being revitalised and wracked with healthy insecurity, remained the old general’s men. Moyes had to come in and impress them rather than the other way round. Therefore, as things go wrong as they always will, rumbles of displeasure start emanating from a changing room that was once soundproof and senior players start growing disgruntled and sullen stubble.
Flop: United's £27.5million man Marouane Fellaini has not hit the ground running
Richard Heathcote
Moyes’ credibility is in danger and for a manager that’s fatal. He needs to wrestle it back no matter what it takes or he’s a dead man. You’re almost willing him to have a Michael Corleone-shooting-Sollozzo-and-McCluskey moment. A profound action or ruthless act that reaffirms his position as top dog. No one can be allowed to feel they need merely ride out this Moyes-shaped mistake and then impress the new man.
Worryingly it seems to be getting to Moyes. His explanation for playing RVP for the fully 90 minutes following an injury layoff was just awful in so many ways:
“I was due to take Van Persie off after 60 minutes, but if I had, people would have said, ‘What are you doing?’”
One could never imagine Fergie being swayed in any way by what others would have thought, never mind publicly explaining himself in such a way. It smacks of a dog being wagged by his tail.
The next six weeks will be vital to David Moyes’ long-term future, both in terms of results and who he adds to and subtracts from his squad. Most importantly he must assert his authority, and a change of personnel will help with that. They will be his men and owe him their loyalty, more so than the current weathered cast. No one man is bigger than the club but Moyes must establish to everyone that he is the man in ultimate control.

ASUS PadFone mini 4.3 now official with 4.3″ smart phone & 7″ tablet combo

ASUS PadFone mini 4.3 now official with 4.3″ smart phone & 7″ tablet combo 


ASUS has officially announced the PadFone mini 4.3, which offers a tablet-smart phone convergence in a compact size. While the previous PadFone models offer a 10″ tablet station, the new PadFone mini comes features a 7″ tablet and a dockable 4.3″ smart phone. In addition, it also comes with dual-sim capability.
The smart phone which powers the entire PadFone solution runs on a quad-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor with 1GB of RAM and over at the front it comes with a 4.3″ display that does 960×540 pixels resolution. On-board it comes with 16GB of storage which can be expanded with microSD. Over at the back, it has a 8MP camera that’s capable of shooting burst mode of 16 frames per second.
Meanwhile the 7″ tablet station comes with a display that’s capable of pushing 1280×800 pixels resolution. In terms of battery, the smart phone and tablet comes with 1,500mAh and 2,200mAh capacity respectively. Out of the box, the PadFone mini 4.3 runs on Android 4.3 with couple of extra features thrown in by ASUS. Pricing wise, it is going for NT$11,990 which is about RM1,304 in our local currency.
Check out the hands-on video and photos by Engadget China after the break.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What happen in an internet minute?

What happen in an internet minute?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Proton Persona SV launched – from RM44,938

proton-persona-sv-launch 011
We’re at Proton’s Bola! Bola! Bola! Mega Test Drive Carnival, where the national carmaker has launched a new variant of the Proton Persona called the Proton Persona SV.
Following on from the well-selling Saga SV that was launched in June, the Proton Persona SV becomes the most affordable Persona variant (sitting below the RM47,534 Standard manual, solid) as well as the second-cheapest Proton model currently on sale.
It’s based on the Persona Elegance (the 2010-facelift model). ’SV’ stands for ‘Super Value’, and to that end, the Proton Persona SV offers dual front airbags, front seat belt pre-tensioners, all-wheel disc brakes, ABS and EBD. However, there are no door visors, no fog lamps, no tailpipe finisher and the door mirrors are adjusted manually. The 15-inch rims wrapped in 195/60 series tyres carry on unchanged.
proton-persona-sv-launch 015
Engine’s the same 1.6 litre Campro IAFM twin-cam four-cylinder that develops 110 hp at 6,500 rpm and 148 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm. Suspension is handled by MacPherson struts up front and multi-links with stabilisers out back.
The Proton Persona SV comes with either a five-speed manual (RM44,938 solid, RM45,388 metallic) or a four-speed auto (RM47,938 solid, RM48,388 metallic). Prices are OTR with insurance for Peninsular Malaysia, and they include a two-year or 50,000-km manufacturer’s warranty.
There’s also an Easy Financing scheme that offers monthly repayments starting from RM388. You can have your Proton Persona SV in Solid White, Bronze Garnet, Tranquility Black, Genetic Silver, Fire Red, Chiffon Green or a new Atlantic Blue body colour (yes, the Suprima blue).
Proton targets monthly sales of 2,400 units, but COO Hisham Othman is confident the brand can sell more, citing the success of the Saga SV, which has received 42,000 bookings to date. Around half a million units of the Proton Persona have left the Tanjung Malim plant gates since the car’s 2007 introduction.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Samsung Announces the Galaxy Grand 2

The dual-SIM Galaxy Grand 2 expands from the Galaxy Grand mid-range appeal with a larger 5.25-inch 1280×720 280ppi display (previous 5-inch 800×480 186ppi). Processing power also gets a boost with a 1.2GHz quad-core unit with 1.5GB of RAM, 8GB of on board storage and microSD expansion for cards up to 64GB (previous 1.2GHz quad-core with 1GB RAM).
The camera looks to be unchanged from the previous Galaxy Grand with an 8MP autofocus main camera and a 1.9MP front camera at the front. Powering the Galaxy Grand 2 is a larger 2,600mAh battery (previous 2,100mAh) with a claimed 10 hours of video playback time. In terms of software, the Galaxy Grand 2 gets Android 4.3 with a host of Samsung smart features including Multi Window, Sound & Shot and Group Play. In terms of design, it features the same Faux Leather plastic back cover that’s found on the Galaxy Note 3.
The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 will be available in white, and black and pink when it is released in selective regions soon. Pricing details have not been revealed.
Head on over to after the jump for more pictures.



上一届的klims 错过了,今届刚好配合得到时间,所以星期一去了参观(个人比较不喜欢太多人潮所以选择工作日出发)。。。


买了票先沿着路线去到hall 1, 一进入大门,就是toyota 和 lexus 的柜台,小姐很亲切的一直对我笑

最吸睛而且全场唯一一辆展览的超跑莫过于是LFA 了,但是可惜不能给人家靠近不然我手一定痒跑去敲敲打打

toyota 还有一辆看起来骨怪怪的concept car 在舞台旁边。。。

然后看看我喜欢的IS, 前面的大灯分两段的设计还是接受不了,但是尾巴的设计确实我的胃口

这两不懂什么意义的LCD车,还有最近被骂到够力够力的previa 有展览之外,基本上toyota 和 lexus 也没有什么其他特别的车款了。


首先看到的是beetle , 这两黑色的是特别版。。。


传说未来会推出的polo 1.6 hb, 关门声跟proton 有的fight ,很轻的感觉,跟隔壁的polo gti比简直差天隔地。。。



golf cut model , 给大家看里面的用料,做么不要cut polo sedan或者 1.6 HB 来看看

看完了volkswagen 接着就走去后面的hall 1,入门后有 subaru , 在这里没有派到什么照片,因为大致上他的车款都是买了一段时间的了,只有FL的 xv,但是有一堆人围着所以放弃拍摄,但是我有上去坐了坐,xv的椅子包袱性比其它的mini suv 要好很多,视野比起我自己的车感觉车头低了一点,前方死角没有那么多。但是140多k,给reflector,真的接受不了

legacy 。。。

subaru brz, 后面如果装上一个不要太大的”晒衣架“更美。。。里面有跑车的韵味



重点推荐的是新的odyssey,略略 看了一下,想上去做但是很努力也没有办法完成,太多aunty uncle 还有小孩围绕着这辆车,但是眼看的情况下中间那两张看起来像飞机商务场的椅子应该很舒服而且很豪华的样子。里面是全皮的,卖相比estima 好。
而且FULL SPEC 才RM248,888 应该可以收previa 的皮

隔壁有new accord 和 crz ,new accord 虽然美但是还是比较适合主管级别的中年人士开,外形不够m6 年轻,运动,但是accord 路上很多了,所以不拍。。。

跳上去crz了解一下为什么一部分的crz 车主那么喜欢”捞跑“,顺便说一下:”uncle 做么你一直看我“

然后honda的”舞台“有一辆concept car,虽然不懂什么名堂但是concept car喔,当然是拍了先。。。

再过去呢就是nissan 和 infiniti 的车,Infiniti 没有记错的话只有3-4辆车,只占nissan的位置1/3不到,看了QX70 和 Q60,老实QX70我坐进去,感觉不到那份尊贵和我花了那么多的钱来买这辆车,很日本车的feel,就比harrier好一点的感觉而已。


至于nissan 就没有什么比较特别的车款,就此略过。。。

hall 1的后方都是一些汽车零件,改装等等的柜台,有灯泡音响等等的。。。原本想买osram night breaker unlimited,但是没有人要理我所以没有买。。。

看完hall 1 就去hall 3, peugeot 在hall 3 的门口旁。。。

2008 是peugeout的”舞台之星“ 但是同样不给人家看内装和试坐。。。其他就是那些308,208,408,508之类的车。



重点是这两concept,要设计这么”够力“的concept 不是人人可以做到的


这两不懂什么名堂的concept car 很受欢迎,但是我就觉得还好而已,

DS3 已经开卖,但是同样不让人家看内装


3M 的matt orange range rover evoque.

然后呢HALL3后半部就是一些 汽车美容用品,汽油添加剂,媒体的摊位,在这里买了一瓶detailer + claybar set, RM39 还送价值RM12.90的micro fibre 布,和一个价值rm6.90的香精。。。。

楼上则是一些classic car的展览,


再过后呢就是主要赞助的,ford 和 hyundai  独占一个展览厅。。。

远看以为是mustang , 原来是shelby 。。。。

看到外国的 new mondeo spec很厉害,但是本次展销的是hybrid 版本,期待汽油full spec 的进来看看。。

个人觉得整个展销会最美的car model 虽然脸上的粉厚到有点恐怖

focus sport+




重点推荐的I40,一直听到那边的SA拿来跟BMW MERC 对比,
hyundai 的人也是很多很多,所以就没有多看起他已经有的车款。。。


终结来说,对这次的车展还蛮失望的,不多品牌参与,merc bmw audi 统统没有,车也不是很多,都是一些在路上已经看到显料的车,去showrrom 看,驾都不用钱。。。
在我印象中很多年以前有一次很大很大的车展票价好像要RM40+一个人的,那时候连barbus 都有那种才叫看的过瘾,比其其他国家的车展,klims 还真的是越来越差了。。。


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