Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review

The budget-friendly 7-inch Android tablet has been around in Malaysia since the end of January for a price tag of RM 499. At a price under RM 500, the tablet is really a steal and is easily one of the best quality branded-tablet that the market has to offer right now. Recently, we got our hands on a loan unit of MeMO Pad. Yes, thanks to ASUS Malaysia for loaning us the tablet for reviewing purpose.
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review
In this article, we are going to look in-depth (sort of) at this tablet – on its design, build quality, hardware, notable features, battery life as well as the the device performance while running apps and games. However, don’t give high expectation to MeMO Pad as the tablet is just an entry-level and the cheapest Android tablet produced by the Taiwanese company.

Design and Hardware

Despite being an entry-level Android tablet, the MeMO Pad does not look like a “cheap” tablet at all, although it’s mainly made of plastic. ASUS has a good track record of producing great quality and well-designed devices. The MeMO Pad is no exceptional. The design of the MeMO Pad is inspired by ASUS-built Google Nexus 7. Take a look at the back panel and you should notice the similar textured design between the MeMO Pad and Nexus 7. The diamond checkered finish ensures a good secure grip on the tablet and somehow gives a premium (plus solid) look and feel to the tablet, even though it’s not as premium as the Nexus 7.
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review
The MeMO Pad is measuring at 11.2 x 119.4 x 196.4 mm and weighs at 370 grams. When you compared the tablet with Nexus 7, the MeMO Pad is slightly thicker than the latter and it is heavier too (by 30 grams).
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review
The power button and volume controls are located on the top left. A 3.5 mm audio jack at the top while on the bottom, you should find a microUSB and microSD slot. The microSD card slot lets you expand the storage for up to 32GB. FYI, Nexus 7 doesn’t offer such slot.
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review
There is a 1MP front-facing camera capable of recording 720p video on its front. Meanwhile, the speaker resides on the back and comes with ASUS-exclusive SonicMaster-enhanced audio. We are pretty much satisfied with the audio quality produced by the speaker. During our test, we can hear the song playback loud and clear. Thumb up on the audio quality.


ASUS MeMO Pad has a 7-inch WSVGA display with 1024 x 600 resolution at 169 ppi (pixels per inch) and 350 nits brightness. The ppi is no match to Nexus 7 (216 ppi) but still win the Apple iPad Mini (163 ppi). MeMO Pad produces decent display with a rather limited viewing angle of 140 degrees. Nexus 7 has 1280 x 800 resolution with a 178-degree wide-viewing angle.
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review
Reading texts and emails, view images, watch movies and even play games on MeMO Pad is not that a pleasant one. The texts and images are not very crisp and clear. The tablet also produces decent colour gamut and accuracy. Anyhow, note that MeMO Pad is just an entry-level tablet.


MeMO Pad runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and has full access to Google Play Store for downloading apps and games. Google Play Music, Books, Magazines and Movies are not available yet to users in our country.
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review
The tablet is preloaded with a suite of ASUS productivity apps, including SuperNote Lite note taking app, BuddyBuzz social media manager, ASUS WebStorage (provides 5GB free cloud storage), AudioWizard audio profile manager, ASUS Story, ASUS Studio photo editing app, MyPainter drawing app and WebStorage Office.
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review
In addition to that, there are floating apps for multitasking. Floating apps are displayed on-top of your current running application for quick access. Some default floating apps include AudioWizard, Browser, BuddyBuzz, Calendar, Calculator and Stopwatch. To access floating apps, simply tap on the right-most icon on the navigation bar (next to recent screens icon).
The video below showcases some of the preinstalled apps on MeMO Pad.

Performance and Battery Life

ASUS MeMO Pad is powered by a single-core VIA WM8950 1GHz Mali 400 CPU with 8GB of internal memory (16GB model is not available) and 1GB of RAM. There is a microSD card slot to expand the storage by up to 32GB. In addition to that, you get additional 5GB life-time ASUS WebStorage. The tablet only offers 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, lacking on 3G and Bluetooth.
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review
With a slower but still acceptable processor and 1GB worth of memory, we can handle games (except high graphic games) and apps quite well on MeMO Pad. The size of RAM is deem sufficient to give you a good gaming experience on the tablet. We’ve played a bunch of decent graphic games on MeMO Pad like Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers and Candy Crush Saga, with minor lag issues. Tablet input works well and is fairly responsive too. However, you shall notice slower launching of apps on MeMO Pad as compared to other higher-end tablets. Also, switching between portrait and landscape orientations takes a longer time than usual.
We ran a benchmark test on MeMO Pad using the AnTuTu Benchmark app. The tablet scored a total of 4083 points, among the lowest in ranking for Android tablet category. Google Nexus 7 has a score of 12726 while Amazon Kindle Fire around 4500 points.
ASUS MeMO Pad ME172V Review
As for battery life, the tablet comes with a 4270 mAh battery, enough to provide the tablet a close to 7 hours of battery life.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Celcom launches 4G LTE broadband service with download speeds up to 50Mbps

The wait for Celcom’s 4G LTE service is finally over and they have finally revealed its Broadband Plan with download speeds up to 50Mbps. The 4G LTE service is tied with their Celcom First Data Pro plan which offers 10GB of data at RM138/month.
At the moment they cover Bandar Sunway, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Danau Kota, Jalan Imbi, Jalan Pudu, Bangsar, Jalan Tun Razak, KLCC in the Klang Valley. Selected places at Ipoh, Pulau Pinang, Johor Bahru and Melaka are covered as well. You can check for the full list of its coverage here.
As an early bird promotion, they are offering the 4G LTE Modem for only RM199 with 3 months free subscription. This is limited to the first 1,000 sign up and it can be done at Blue Club @ Sunway Pyramid, Blue Cube Pavilion and Blue Club Menara Celcom tomorrow onwards (23rd April 2013).
To promote Celcom’s 4G LTE service as the fastest network, they have gotten some help from Usain Bolt which is known as the fastest man in the world.
Check out the official commercial starring the Jamaican sprinter after the break. For more information on the service, head over to Celcom’s 4G LTE page for more info.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gallery Ferrari

Gallery Ferrari































MINI Inspired by Goodwood

MINI Inspired by Goodwood

自BMW集團納入麾下之後,MINI儼然成為全球車壇中精品時尚小車的代名詞,向來以其跳脫世俗框架的創意深受全球車迷愛戴,而在2011年上海車展中更結合同集團下的ROLLS-ROYCE設計團隊,以ROLLS-ROYCE位於英國南方的設計總部所在地Goodwood為名,於MINI位於Oxford牛津的產線精緻完工,打造出MINI Inspired by Goodwood這款頂尖精品,並將限量生產1000輛,可望吸引位於金字塔頂端的層峰人士入主。

MINI Inspired by Goodwood在今年4月間也曾進駐英國倫敦的Harrods百貨。

源自ROLLS-ROYCE的執著完美 體現藝術品般的細膩無瑕

MINI Inspired by Goodwood以MINI Cooper S JCW為基礎打造、由ROLLS-ROYCE首席內裝設計師Alan Sheppard精心設計,採用ROLLS-ROYCE極其雅緻的經典元素以及高超工藝,外觀採用ROLLS-ROYCE專屬Diamond Black車色,位於葉子板的鋁質車側方向燈飾板上更綴以細膩的「Inspired by Goodwood」銘刻,搭配大氣兼具設計感的MINI Multi Spoke 17吋鋁圈,賦予車身低調華麗的流線光澤,創造出宛如藝術品般的車壇逸品,精緻展現低調奢華的豪華風範。

MINI Inspired by Goodwood外觀採用ROLLS-ROYCE專屬Diamond Black車色,在光線照射下可見到發出鑽石般的光芒。

於葉子板的鋁質「Inspired by Goodwood」銘刻。

標配主動式轉向頭燈與MINI Multi Spoke 17吋鋁圈。

開啟車門的瞬間,鑲有「Inspired by Goodwood」的鋁質迎賓門檻高雅內斂地向車主示意MINI Inspired by Goodwood的不凡內涵。座艙整體以溫暖柔和的玉米穗色系設計,內裝採用專屬的Cornsilk Beige小牛皮真皮,搭配Cashmere喀什米爾頂篷與Lambswool小羔羊毛地毯,體現名流人士的優雅姿態。而MINI經典圓形時速表則以黑色底色設計,創新採用與ROLLS-ROYCE儀表相同的專屬字型,讓細節也盡顯雅緻質感。

鑲有「Inspired by Goodwood」的鋁質迎賓門檻。


採用專屬的Cornsilk Beige小牛皮真皮座椅。




MINI經典圓形時速表採用與ROLLS-ROYCE儀表相同的專屬字型,搭配ROLLS-ROYCE Goodwood工廠為MINI特別訂製的Walnut Burr胡桃木木紋飾板。


同時,MINI Inspired by Goodwood限量版「1 of 1000」徽飾高雅內斂地鑲於中控台下方,訴說其不凡身份,搭配於ROLLS-ROYCE Goodwood工廠為MINI特別訂製的Walnut Burr胡桃木木紋飾板,在一片玉米穗色中點綴出豐富視覺層次美感,更築起如精品藝廊般的座艙氛圍。此外,MINI Inspired by Goodwood更標準配備免鑰匙晶片控制系統、MINI Visual Boost 6.5吋繁體中文螢幕、主動式轉向頭燈、Harman Kardon高傳真音響系統(含10支揚聲器)、防盜系統等頂尖科技與配備,以頂級規格打造內外兼具的極致逸品。

MINI Inspired by Goodwood限量版「1 of 1000」徽飾。

Harman Kardon高傳真音響系統。


從裡而外一致的頂級呈獻 動靜之間嶄露豪華質感

MINI Inspired by Goodwood多處細節皆以ROLLS-ROYCE元素設計,同時採用MINI各種頂級配置,動力方面則沿用原有的1.6L直四雙渦流渦輪增壓引擎,在缸內直噴與可變氣門控制系統的助益下,可輸出184hp/5500rpm最大馬力與24.5kgm/1600-5000rpm峰值扭力(Overboost超增壓狀態則瞬間輸出達26.5kgm)的水準,更已連續五年衛冕1.4L至1.8L級距年度最佳引擎大賞,其雙渦流渦輪增壓設計可有效降低渦輪遲滯現象,於低轉速時即可輸出強大的扭力,大幅提升引擎效率展現優異性能,搭配六速Steptronic手自排變速箱(並附有Sport模式選擇), 0-100km/h加速只需7.2秒便告完成。



MINI Inspired by Goodwood挾著ROLLS-ROYCE沉穩內斂的王者風範,融和MINI不受拘束的設計創意,讓沉穩風範與動感設計並存、讓低調內斂與高雅華麗共舞,讓看似逆向衝突的兩種品牌調性,史無前例地激盪出動靜皆宜的平衡美感。MINI Inspired by Goodwood全球僅限量1,000輛配額,以尊榮雅緻的姿態問世,僅獻給極具品味的名品鑑賞家。在MINI總代理汎德向原廠積極的爭取下,台灣獲得3輛配額,以299萬的報價讓國內車主實現珍藏車壇逸品的畢生饗望。


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