Sunday, October 12, 2014

Apple’s 16th October Event confirmed. New iPads and Macs to be announced

Apple has sent out invites for its upcoming 16th October event with the title “It’s been way too long.” Almost a year ago, the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display were announced offering a slimmer profile and a better display for its compact mini.
The original tablet that changes everything is needing a new update and the 2nd generation iPad Air is reported to be thinner, comes with a TouchID fingerprint scanner, a new gold colour option as well as updated processors derived from its current iPhone 6.
The iPad mini will likely to follow the same treatment but in a more affordable and compact size. Also expected is a couple of new Macs, with a possible iMac with Retina Display, smaller 12″ MacBook with Retina Display and new Mac mini.

Sony QX1

If you always wanted to have a better camera on your smart phone, the Sony QX1 Lens Style camera should be on top of your consideration list. Succeeding from its earlier QX10 and QX100 Lens Camera, the latest QX1 boast a 20.1MP mirrorless APS-C sensor, a built in flash and it accepts a wide array of E-Mount lenses for more possibilities. The QX1 is now available on pre-order in Malaysia and it is priced at RM1,399 for the body only. As comparison, the previous QX10 was priced at RM699 while its bigger QX100 is sold at RM1,499.
Also available is the QX1 lens bundle kit that comes with a 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS E-mount Power Zoom Lens at RM1,699. The combo for an extra RM300 is not bad considering the lens is sold separately at RM1,199. If you pre-order from now until 20th October, Sony is also giving additional 8GB microSDHC Memory Card worth RM39. Deliveries will start after 20th October.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Summernats Malaysia 2014 @ 美女模特儿

美女模特儿 @ Summernats Malaysia 2014

Proton Iriz

Proton Iriz (也称为 PCC 或 GSC),这几天在它的官方宣传网站 上增加了引擎和座椅各一张的照片,强打全新 VVT 引擎和高质感的内装用料。图片中所透露的资料并不多,没有详细说明个细节的规格,引人遐想。

座椅照左下角写着显眼的“Luxuriously Sporty On The Inside”的英文短句,有着“豪华动感尽在车内”的意思。Proton 也特别强调,采用 3D 立体和皮质布料缝制的座椅,绝对精致、高品质,而且拥有一流的舒适度,让车主驾着 Iriz 载朋友出去转一圈时,Iriz 也能有更多向对方炫耀的地方。不过,这估计不是标配,只有高级款车内才会出现。

另一张 VVT 引擎的照片资料更少,除了印着 Proton 厂徽和 VVT 字样的引擎盖,就没有多少地方可参考。若只是从引擎盖上来看,它与现有的 Campro CFE 引擎大同小异,添加润滑油的位置保持一样,不过“CFE”字母换成了“VVT”字母。目前VVT技术只出现在 Campro CFE 引擎中,只对进气阀产生作用,因资料不足,还不能确定 Iriz 上的 VVT 是否与 CFE 引擎相同。

另外,也有网友发现一个爆料网站中,出现了这张 Proton Iriz 的车尾照,根据先前公布 Perodua Axia 谍照100 % 准确度的经验看来,这张照片就是接下来将发布的 Iriz 实照!让你心动了吗?

Suzuki Vitara 2015

全新 Suzuki Vitara 2015 在今年的巴黎国际车展展出,作为 Suzuki 中的长青 SUV 车款,自然受到 Suzuki 的爱戴,为大改款的它加入许多新技术,同时也换上了更现代化的引擎和变速箱,让它焕然一新。位于匈牙利的 Suzuki 工厂将全权负责生产这款 Vitara,并且很快就会出口至全世界,但估计不包括大马。

新款 Vitara 舍弃了旧款 Grand Vitara 名字前方使用多年的 “Grand” 字,让其名称更加简短。其中 Grand 一字又有 “大” 的意思,少了 “大” 字的 Vitara 自然就变 "小" 了,长宽高为 4175 x 1775 x 1610(mm),轴距为 2500 mm,各方面的数据都比起旧款缩小了许多。尺寸变小后,Vitara 不但能减轻重量、降低油耗,同时也能专注在 B 级 SUV 的市场,不会像过去般定位尴尬。


外型上,新车设计并无太大的改变,依然是方正的车体和车头设计,不过设计师加入了更多的不规则线条,让 Vitara 2015 看起来更加前卫。车身漆料采用双色混搭,车体与车顶的颜色各不相同。与此同时,座舱内的饰板也会配合车身主色,而喷上相同的漆料,非常的特别。另外Suzuki 也强调说,他们还提供多达 15 种不同的颜色供选择,让买家配合个人喜好自由搭配两种颜色,打造最独特风格的 Vitara。

动力方面,2015 Vitara 共有两款引擎可选择,分别为 1.6 升汽油 1.6 升柴油引擎。汽油引擎只有 118 HP 马力和 156 Nm 扭力的数据,但 Suzuki 为它装上 5 速手排或 6 排自手排的变速箱,更适合市区驾驶。柴油款则有 118 HP 马力和 320 Nm 扭力的夸张数据,而且只有 6 速手排的设定,让它更适合郊外买家使用。

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ASUS FonePad 8 is coming soon to Malaysia

ASUS Malaysia has teased a new FonePad tablet is coming to our shores very soon. The screen is said to be bigger yet but manages maintain a slim profile with a narrower bezel.
The device in question is the new ASUS FonePad 8 that’s powered by Intel’s 64-bit processor. With growing demand of tablets with phone call features, this will be an extra option for those seeking something better than the current FonePad 7.

Naturally those who wants a tablet as a daily device would want bigger screens without being overly bulky. The FonePad 8 gets an 8″ IPS display that pushes 1280×800 resolution and it is encased in a compact body that has a 5.06mm bezel. The result is a narrow 120mm width which is more compact than a 7.9″ Mi Pad (135.4mm) and iPad mini (134.7mm). Probably the closest 8″ tablet to beat is the Huawei MediaPad M1 which is marginally wider at 120.7mm. It is quite slim too at 8.9mm and weighs 310grams.
Underneath, it runs on Intel’s newer Atom Z3530 Dual-Core processor and it is mated to either 1GB or 2GB RAM with 16GB/32GB storage capacities. There’s a microSD slot supporting up to 64GB cards and dual micro-SIM slots that are 3G HSPA+ supported with speeds up to 42Mbps.
Also included is pair of 5MP + 2MP cameras and it supports video recording at HD 720p resolution. The battery is a 15.2 Wh unit that’s rated to last 12 hours of continuous use. Like the newer FonePads, there’s front facing stereo speakers for a better multimedia experience and it runs on Android 4.4 with ZenUI skin on top. So far they have yet to release official availability dates but it should be happening quite soon.
For more information, head over to ASUS Malaysia’s Facebook page or the FonePad 8 product page.

Microsoft takes it up a notch with Windows 10

The software giant that brought us the joy of Windows XP and 7, to the despair of Vista is at it again. Hither came Microsoft’s Windows 10, which will succeed the current Windows 8.1. Microsoft had made a strange choice of skipping a number, instead of naming it Windows 9. Windows 10 will be made to run across all existing devices and hardware that is already running Windows, such as mobile devices, laptops and desktops.
The one thing that everyone was hoping for is confirmed. The Start Menu will be coming back, that one button on the left that made sense out of everything, unlike Windows 8, where the design and structure made computers that did not have a touchscreen seem ridiculous. This is not a complete rework, but more of a remodeling. The Start Menu will practically be more or less the same, but the difference of having live tiles integrated on to the Start Menu, which reminds us very much of a Windows Phone or Tablet interface. The tiles will still be live in real time, with the option to resize and rearrange them.


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