Sunday, September 13, 2015

Honda civic 2016

The 2016 Honda Civic is due to be unveiled on September 16 in Los Angeles but it looks like we get to see the car fully undisguised before then thanks to these photos which were uploaded to the forums earlier today.
The American spec sedan you see here certainly matches what was seen before in the patent drawings. The roofline has taken on a very ‘Audi A5 Sportback’ shape to it. It’s almost like a hatchback. The sleek roof ends with boomerang-shaped tail lamps.
The Civic sedan will spawn coupe and hatchback siblings as well. Yes, for the first time the Civic hatchback will not be a separate model built on a separate chassis but will instead be built from a single global model.
This will also be the first regular Civic (yes, there’s the new turbo Type R) to come with a turbocharged engine. There’s a chance the new Civic will be offered with a choice of two engines – a 2.0 litre naturally-aspirated VTEC and the new 1.5 litre VTEC Turbo. The latter makes 150 PS and 203 Nm in the Honda StepWGN and Jade RS models that it is currently offered in.
As for the interior, we’ve already caught glimpses of the new Civic’s interior thanks to spy photos. The new Civic will ditch the futuristic dual-tier instrument cluster of previous two generations for a more conventional dashboard design.
What do you think of how the new Honda Civic is shaping up to be so far?

iPad pro

iPad mini 4

As usual, there’s nothing new with the design so it still retains the unmistakable iPad mini appearance with its unibody aluminium body. However Apple has made some significant changes on the overall dimensions. It is only 6.1mm thin, which is the same as the iPad Air 2, the thinnest for an iPad.
In addition, they have also made some weight reductions bringing it down from 331g previously for the WiFi version to just 298.8g. Likewise, the WiFi + 4G Cellular versions which used to weigh 340g on the iPad mini 3 is now just 304g.
The display is still the same 7.9″ incher but they have improved it with the same fully laminated display as the iPad Air 2 with additional anti reflective coating. In the camera department, it gets the same combo as the bigger iPads with an 8MP f/2.2 main camera which now brings Burst shots and Slow-mo onto an iPad mini. Meanwhile the front still gets the same 1.2MP unit.
The most welcome change is the processor, where it gets a newer A8 chip but it is still a notch below the A8X chip that’s powering its top of the line iPad Air 2. Apple claims that the A8 is 1.3x faster in processing and 1.6x faster in graphics than the previous A7.
With iOS 9 being released very soon, the new Split View feature allowing you to run 2 apps side by side was previously exclusive just to the iPad Air 2, (and now iPad Pro) likely due to processor requirement. The new upgraded processor allows the iPad mini 4 to use split view, so this is good news for multi-taskers that prefer to use a smaller iPad. In terms of connectivity, it supports faster 802.11ac WiFi as well as Bluetooth 4.2. The battery life remains unchanged with up to 10 hours of use in a single charge.

New Siri Apple TV

Tim Cook candidly jested said that Apple took a “really long” time to bring an upgrade to the 2012 version of the Apple TV – even chuckling along with the crowd following the statement. Apple’s take on the TV set-top box is now bigger, more powerful and built with Siri to assist you through the new operating system.

An overhaul that sees it now carrying a powerful 64-bit A8 CPU and PowerVR GX6450 GPU, together with 2GB of RAM. Significant jumps in each category; that sees Apple also adding more internal storage (32GB or 64GB), a better WiFi radio (802.11ac) and even a redesigned tvOS.

A great operating system that will see the Apple TV now support Apps and have an accelerometer and gyroscope on its newest remote. Connectors on the small black box are similar on past editions, a power, HDMI and an ethernet port.
With an addition of the app store for tvOS, Apple hopes that its third-party developers will expand and further the device’s functionality that places a new emphasis on gaming. You’ll be using the newly designed remote that comes with a glass touch pad on the top end that connects to your box through Bluetooth 4.0.
Embracing voice-recognition and utilising Siri as its personal assistant, it’ll be one of the best ways to interact with your Apple TV but currently only has support in these 8 countries:
For everyone elsewhere, the Siri button on the new controller will only get you to an “open the on-screen search app”. It’ll probably have the same traits as its predecessor, only with larger search functionality. Don’t be downhearted, if you’re initial thoughts were to pick it up, because Apple usually rolls support as the device’s lifetime lengthens.
You’ll be able to ask the female personal assistant things like:
Search through Apple’s library and its 3rd party apps for a TV show or movie
Questions about who is starting in our favourite movies or shows
Weather in a particular city
Replay or skip to a certain time line
Replay content and asking “what did she say?” will rewind the content and bring up subtitles
Apple TV’s gaming experience will now have a shot at rivaling the Nintendo Wii, thanks to the new Siri remote that includes the accelerometer and gyroscope. During the keynote we saw a multiplayer game dubbed Crossy Road, which allows users to tether an iPod Touch or iPhone as an additional remote.
Also demoed, was Beat Sports, a music and sports combo that sends music timed baseballs for you to hit. Apple’s main showcase to its new gaming element will be Disney Infinity 3.0, Guitar Hero Live and Rayman Adventures’, surely pleasing a wide range of gamers out there.
A further extension of apps bring about a demonstration of online shopping directly on Apple TV, thanks to companies like Gilt – giving Apple an edge when compared to other set-top boxes out there. Obviously they won’t be leaving out the main purpose of the device, providing TV enthusiasts the viewing tools to get push notifications for game-time moments in live sports games.
Potentially a great living room companion, the Apple TV starts shipping towards the end of October in 80 countries and will go for $149 / RM 641 (32GB) and $199 / RM 856 (64GB). Check out the product pagehere.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

U Mobile says its upcoming product will set a new industry benchmark

U Mobile might be the underdog among the big 4 telcos in Malaysia but they been quite a disruptor with its value for money proposition. After revamping its postpaid offering with heaps of data, U Mobile is set to announce a new product that’s said to be a game changer for its segment.
We think this could be a new prepaid product and it is likely to offer free unlimited basic internet similar to#Hotlink#MagicSIM and the new Digi Smart Prepaid. Effectively this could put an end to pay per use charges for internet which U Mobile currently charges RM0.20/MB.
Without giving specific details, they teased that it will offer more data and voice allocation plus extra services to help you stay connected. Apart from free throttled internet and perhaps more freebies, what could U Mobile do to shake up the industry? We’ll find out more from their media event next week, 23rd July after the Hari Raya holidays, so stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


The LG G4 will be announced on 28th April but now we have a clear look of the new flagship. These new images had appeared from a purported staging site that was discovered ahead of launch.
Like what we’ve seen from its teaser, the new G4 will be having several leather back options that comes with thread stitching details in the middle. This looks like real leather and it should be more premium feeling than the faux leather execution on the past Galaxy Note series. Apart from the leather back series, there are also standard LG G4 with a more glossy back cover.
The staging microsite isn’t accessible right now but according to the sources that managed to see them, the specs and features are mostly temporary placeholders. The specs listed were incorrect including a 13MP camera and an older Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, which are likely carried forward from the LG G3 spec sheet.
From what has been confirmed so far, the LG G4 will be having a 16MP camera with a larger f/1.8 aperture lens. Meanwhile the front will get a higher 8MP camera for better selfies. Out of the box, it would be running on Android 5.0 Lollipop with their new LG UX 4.0.
What do you think of the LG G4’s design? Leave your comments below.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Honda HRV

Besides revealing RM500-2,500 price drops for its post-GST range, Honda Malaysia also shared at a recent media gathering its to-date sales performance and plans for the future.
As of the first quarter of 2015, the company remains the top-selling non-national passenger carmaker, with 6,522 cars sold in January and 6,041 in February. In March, despite the uncertainty surrounding the impending GST, Honda Malaysia managed to shift over 9,000 cars – its highest monthly sales in history. Add the three months up and you get 21,563 units – 38% up from the same period last year.
“Moving forward in 2015, the forecasted TIV (total industry volume) is 697,000 units with a 4.6% growth. Our sales target for this year is 85,000 units and we have entered 2015 on a high note,” said MD and CEO Yoichiro Ueno.

Click to enlarge
The highly-popular HR-V has collected over 10,000 bookings since its February launch, resulting in a long waiting period. Ueno extended “sincere apologies” on behalf of the brand, saying that production will be maximised to keep up with demand.
The HR-V and CR-V facelift are currently leading the SUV segment in Malaysia, while the CityJazzCivic facelift and Accord led their respective segments in the first two months of 2015.
Before the year is up, Honda Malaysia will be establishing 11 new 3S facilities and five new body and paint centres to add to the existing 75 3S facilities, four 1S showrooms and 12 body and paint centres. The company is also looking to strengthen its presence in East Malaysia and suburban areas by setting up a regional office, training facilities, a distribution centre and a parts warehouse.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

umobile iphone6

If you’re planning to buy an iPhone 6 in Malaysia, most likely you’ve been disappointed by the recent price increase. U Mobile, the 4th telco to offer the iPhone 6 on contract wants you to know that all is not doom and gloom.
With its ongoing registration of interest, U Mobile has revealed more details of its offering which are one of a kind in Malaysia. For starters, they would be offering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at previous lower prices, while stocks last.
While they have yet to reveal their plan details, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from U Mobile claims to come with True Unlimited High-Speed data. Apparently this isn’t the so called unlimited usage with free throttled speeds but an actual bottomless internet with no limit for high-speed access. This we think is likely applicable with their new highest commitment plan.
For postpaid subscribers, U Mobile says there won’t be any lock-in contracts and you’re free to leave the network without excessive penalty charges. The reality is that this is likely the case if they convert their phone subsidy into monthly rebates where you can enjoy fully only if you stay with the throughout the period. For those who prefer the flexibility and control of prepaid, U Mobile too will be offering subsidised iPhones as well.
In addition, U Mobile would also offer an easy payment scheme from a micro credit facility. Get ready to pay additional interest charge over monthly installments and U Mobile mentions that application would take up to 2 hours for approval. The full details will be revealed next week on 17th March and it is likely that U Mobile wills start offering the iPhone around the same time.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

全新 Honda HR-V 发布

全新 Honda HR-V 终于在本地上市,它共分成 S、E、 V 三个版本,包括保险的售价为 99,000 令吉(S)108,800 令吉(E)、和118,800 令吉(V)。此外,原厂也提供 5 年无限哩数保家,以及 10 万公里之内的 6 次免费维修服务。

Honda HR-V 是一款都市轻休旅,采用 Jazz 和 City 的底盘平台打造,结构紧凑扎实。全车系均由 1.8 升 SOHC i-VTEC 引擎驱动,最大马力为 142 匹 @ 6500 转,扭力 172 牛顿米 @ 4300 转,只有搭配 CVT 无段变速箱的自排版,由前轮驱动。

入门 S 版本
是 HR-V 中唯一少过 10 万令吉的款式,不过原厂却将 16 寸轮圈、ECON 节能模式、HHA 坡道辅助系统、VSA 电子稳定控制系统、以及先进的 Automatic Brake Hold 自动驻车功能,全列为标配,诚意十足。

16 寸轮圈
4 喇叭
1 个 USB 插口
2 安全气囊
VSA 电子稳定控制系统
Automatic Brake Hold 自动驻车功能

中级 E 版本
基本配备与 S 版本相同,只是增加了更完善的车内娱乐系统,如 5 寸触控屏、Keyless 无匙入车系统、自动空调、多功能方向盘等,适合追求更高配备的买家。

Keyless 无匙入车系统
5 寸触控荧幕
2 个USB 插口

顶级 V 版本
售价为 118,800 令吉,拥有更豪华、更多功能配备。车内可见皮革座椅、皮革门饰、7 寸触控屏、GPS 导航、镀铬饰品、LED 大灯,以及全车 6 颗安全气囊。

GPS 卫星导航
Cruise Control 定速巡航
Bluetooth 蓝牙链接
LED 大灯+日行灯
6 颗安全气囊
6 喇叭

由于是进口车款,所以三款 Honda HR-V 都共用大多数的安全配备。除了安全气囊之外,三款车均有:

ASEAN NCAP 5 颗星(只限 V 版)
VSA 电子稳定控制系统
HHA 坡道辅助系统
ISOFIX 儿童安全椅扣

Honda 也提供 4 款 Modulo 的车身和内装配套,供买家升级。它们分别是 Sport Aero Package(总值 3950 令吉)、Tough Advance Package(总值 3800 令吉)、Smart Utility Package(总值 1650 令吉)、和 Urbane Utility Package(总值 1550 令吉)。


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