Monday, December 12, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Note+Mighty S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note has certainly change the whole game in smart phones and pads. 


The first thing that will stun you when you first meet Samsung Galaxy Note has got to be its large 5.3inch display, which is the world's very first HD Super AMOLED display. Meaning that the 1280 x 800 pixels that you can only get with a full-screen laptop is now on your palm. This is certainly a notch better than Samsung Galaxy S2. Despite its exorbitantly large display Galaxy Note is only 9.65mm thick. Talking about portability huh!



What's really special about Samsung Galaxy Note is the inclusion of the powerful sword-the S Pen. This is not your ordinary stylus though. Wielding this S Pen you will be able to capture virtually any ideas (especially photos: more on this later) from anywhere. Think of it as a blade, but only "sharper". S Pen allows you to draw or write almost accurately as you would with a pencil. Do you know that with Samsung Galaxy Note, you can easily crop any picture in any shape that you like using its super-precise S Pen?

S Pen-The Super Pen!

Unbelievable S Memo.

Just draw it.

Make your photos even more priceless.

With S Pen, you can take down super intuitive S Memo. Now you can include a cropped picture, your very own doodle, a song, a copied sentence and even your handwriting into one single memo! How cool is that right? Now by using S Pen the photos that you have snapped can be personalized with your own sketching and notes as well. Best of all S Pen allows you to communicate more effectively since you can send your drawings to your friends and family should you wanna tell them something more personally. Ha :D

Ditch you digital camera now!

Impressed with what you see "on" the phone? Let's get inside the phone and see what's what us running under the thin hood of Galaxy Note. It is only right that this elegant beast comes with a good camera. Hence you have an advanced 8MP camera at your disposal to capture all your priceless moment. That's not all, the camera on Galaxy Note also comes with professional photography functions such as Anti-Shake, Blink Detection, Metering etc. just to name a few.


1.4GHz dual-core to blaze all your demanding tasks.

Don't worry about not having enough juice anymore.

This baby here is a speed demon! Samsung Galaxy Note's engine room is powered by 1.4GHz dual-core processor. On board you will have the usual 16GB of internal storage for you to store your music, photos, games etc. Not enough? Bump it up with another whopping 32GB of storage via microSD slot. Besides that Galaxy Note is quite future-proof in terms of connectivity. Samsung Galaxy Note allows you to embrace 4G LTE with transfer rate up to 21Mbps, should your country has it. Worried that the huge gorgeous screen will be drained easily? Fret not. An equally huge supply of juice (2,500mAh) will be supporting all your multimedia needs.

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