Friday, May 31, 2013

Top 10 Cars Every Girl Should Consider Owning

Top 10 Cars Every Girl Should Consider Owning
Top 10 Cars Every Girl Should Consider Owning
Listen up, ladies! If you’re in search for the perfect car – we might be able to help you out. We know that not all women have the same taste and preference in cars, but we’re looking at a range of cars that you should definitely consider.
From hatchbacks to SUVs, we’re listing them all! Based on comfort, safety and some other quirky notes – you might find yourself something intriguing.
We’re listing out 10 different cars we think you ladies should definitely consider owning if you’re in the market.
2013 Ford Focus S
10. Ford Focus – from RM 115,903 (OTR with insurance)
Ford collaborates with technology to bring Ford Focus to a whole new level. With a dashboard that boasts clear-to-see dials and displays that are easy to use as well.  The car isn’t too big and is designed for extra ride comfort. With seat height and two-way steering adjustments – it’s making life a whole lot easier.
The Ford Focus is just average looking on the outside, but the specs and the features in the car as pretty impressive for the build and price that it is at. The Focus Hatchback comes with standard items including 16-inch alloy wheels, leather steering wheel with audio controls, rear parking sensors… and a whole lot of other standard things.
But what features really stand out? One thing that really catches the eye is that active parking assist! With the push of a button, the car will automatically scan the empty parking spot with ultrasonic sensors and steers you in perfectly.  So, basically, you don’t have to worry about parking – because the Ford Focus will do that for you.
On top of that, there is the Ford Sync that is operated via voice control – so instead of clicking around while driving, you can just state your demand, and it will automatically do it for you. Whether it’s replying a text message, or adjusting the air conditioning – you don’t have to lift a finger.
FUN FACT: The Ford Focus also has a ‘Active City Stop’ system which, should the car in front of you stop because of an emergency, then the Focus will sense it, and automatically brakes if you don’t do it in time. Talk about extra safety.
2013 Audi Q3
9. Audi Q3 – from RM 258,000 (OTR without insurance)
Similar to the Honda CR-V, the Audi Q3 is also an SUV that’ll make you look like a boss on the road. A little more rough and tough looking than the Honda CR-V if you ask us, but it is still a car women should consider.
It’s a sporty yet classy looking SUV that’ll definitely turn some heads while driving through the highway.
The Audi Q3 offers a range of features like park assist, a panoramic glass roof, BOSE surround sound, a built in navigation system and so many others.
FUN FACT: There is a start-stop system within the car that reduces fuel consumption by witching the engine off when the vehicle is at a standstill.
2013 Volkswagen Beetle
8. Volkswagen Beetle – from RM139,888 (OTR without insurance)
The Volkswagen Beetle is just your typical fun and cute car. Not only is it shaped in a quirky way, it also has features that will make that driving experience a lot more fun. The design of the iconic Beetle has evolved throughout the years, and it has kept up with its shape, but has improved in terms of technology, offering all kinds of gadgets and features.
FUN FACT: Did you know, that the currently sold version of the Volkswagen Beetle is not know the ‘The New Beetle’? That name refers to the outgoing model. The new Beetle is just called, ‘The Beetle’.
2012 Honda CR-V
7. Honda CR-V – from RM148,800 (OTR with insurance)
If you’re a fan of SUV’s and big spacious cars, then you should definitely consider the Honda CR-V. Yes, it’s often referred to as a soccer mom’s car, but it’s with good reason; the CR-V is superbly versatile, and gets any kind of driving job done. If you’re a woman with children, then this kind of car is perfect for you. If you’re a single woman, there is still reason for you to gaze your eyes on this beauty. Think about it – road-tripping in comfort and class; it all goes pretty well together.
Plus, who says a woman can’t own a big and strong car, like the Honda CR-V? If parking is what you’re worried about (especially here in Malaysia), there is a reverse camera and loads of parking sensors to help you around tight spots.
Driving a big car gives you a little more confidence on the road and driving a big and classy car – well… that just takes it to a whole new level.
FUN FACT: The new Honda CR-V has an Eco Assist guide, which helps drivers achieve more efficient driving.
2013 MINI One
6. MINI One – from 146,800 (OTR without insurance)
The iconic MINI is one that cannot be missed out. Especially the MINI One – it’s brought up to a whole new level and offers a lifestyle experience that is worth every penny. Not to forget, it’s just the kind of car all girls want to be in; stylish, classy, funky, modern, MINI!
Despite the MINI being a relatively small car – it is designed so that all passengers and the driver can sit with total comfort and space.
MINIs are known to be somewhat of an ‘exclusive’ car – but in our opinion, this is an exclusive car within reason; it’s a great lifestyle complement.
FUN FACT: Due to popular demand, MINI has re-released the MINI One for a third time!
2013 Mazda 2 Sedan
5. Mazda 2 (Sedan) – from RM 70,668 (OTR without insurance)
There are two choices when it comes to the Mazda 2. You can either opt for a hatchback or a sedan – but we’re suggesting a sedan! Why?
It’s a simple, yet pretty elegant car that suits a businesswoman. It’s spacious in all the right places, and if you’re a fan of sedans, then this is a car you should definitely look at. It doesn’t look too sporty, but still gives that edgy kick, which will make you feel like a classier woman.
Some sedans are considerably oversized, but there’s something about the Mazda 2 Sedan that is just about the right size. Though, it isn’t the highest performing car in the market – it does the trick of bringing you around, and maintenance cost isn’t too high.
As for the equipment – the Mazda 2 comes with steering that is leather wrapped, audio switches, split folding back seats, ABS, and two airbags.
FUN FACT: When Mazda designers were planning the Mazda2’s design, specific attention was given to making the car easy to see out of; improving overall visibility around you!
2013 Honda CR-Z
4. Honda CR-Z – from RM 119,000 (OTR with insurance)
Some girls want to get that little bit of edge – and that’s the kind of edge you can find in a Honda CR-Z. Not only does it look sporty and sleek, it’s also a hybrid! That means you’ll be helping out the environment, while looking good at it, too.  The car sits two people comfortably, so if you’re not the type of driver who likes to take people out, then it’s perfect. It’s a powerful car, with a good grip.
On a side note, it comes in such pretty colours – we really like the purple fuchsia tone! So pretty!
FUN FACT: The new Honda CR-Z has an addition to its three driving modes; the Plus Sport System. With a full charge and when pressed, the system unleashes even more power to the wheels for more electric acceleration.
2013 Suzuki Swift
3. Suzuki Swift – from RM 77,888 (OTR with insurance)
The new Suzuki Swift takes a step up in the dimensions and has also added a few more specs that bring it to a completely new level; it’s bigger for space, but lighter in weight, and still just as affordable.
Not only has it shed lots of weight from the outgoing model, the Suzuki Swift is generally the perfect car for the city because it’s easy to use, comfortable, has good fuel economy, and most importantly, it’s small, which really helps when it comes to parking.
With small cars, you tend to worry that it may sometimes be not strong enough or is too lightweight. But in the new Suzuki Swift, you forget the size of the car, because you feel safe and protected in the it. You instantly get a sense of the build quality which feels solid and safe.
FUN FACT: The new Suzuki Swift has cut down the weight of the car by 30KG but has expanded in dimension. In other words, it’s more spacious, but a lot lighter too.
2013 Kia Rio
2. Kia Rio – from RM 73,888 (OTR with insurance)
It’s cute, it’s small, it’s comfortable and most of all... it’s affordable. The new 1.4-litre Kia Rio holds a whole range of standard equipment’s that you usually don’t see in a B-Segment car. With LED daytime running lights, bending headlamps, electric folding mirrors, a sunroof, and really sporty 17-inch alloy wheels, the list does go on for a bit.
If you’re looking for a list of potential cars to get you around the city, whether you’re working or studying, we definitely suggest the Kia Rio – because it’s a simple car with just the right accessories that you need for a very affordable price.
FUN FACT:  It comes in two trim levels – EX and SX. The SX specs to the car, adds on a front fog lamp, sunroof and Kia’s “Supervision cluster” instrument panel, auto air-con and a Smart Key with a push start button – which makes it a very equipped B-segment car.
2013 Peugeot 208
1. Peugeot 208 – from RM85,888 (OTR with insurance)
This sleek new car was just unveiled at the Sunway Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon by Nasim Sdn Bhd.
It’s a well-built car that doesn’t look too girly, but still has a soft touch to it. It’s neither too big nor too small for you to roam the streets of the city comfortably, or make a quick escape out of town; as we've found out lately with our test drive to Tanjung Malim.
The new Peugeot 208 comes to us with the option of a three- or five-door, and seats five very easily.
As for the gadgets, don’t be surprised to fall in love with the seven-inch HD touchscreen, Arkamys sound system, and cool exterior and interior design. Pretty neat, huh?

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